What are you using for a gutter brush?

Hey all I been upselling gutter whitening a bunch lately. But I still feel I’m fighting my brush which causes me to go a little slower. Tried a few methods and all had the same outcome. What’s everyone else using for best practice?

A thread with almost this same exact title was posted a few months ago. But it only had one answer in it.

I’ve been using a generic truck brush bought from a local detail shop, but im about to order a different style. I’ve seen several people recommend the loaf style brush from powerwashstore.


I’ve also seen several people recommend the salt and pepper brush from Pressure Tek.

Pressure Tek sells a brush that looks like the loaf style, but i cant tell if it is or not.

I think im going to order one of the loaf style brushes and try it out.

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Ya i was looking at that post but only one response like you said. I bought a soft bristle brush from PressureTex well how this one does.

We purchased the loaf style brush last year and love it. It’s perfect for gutters.

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I bougnt the one in the link to pressuretek

This with a microfiber rag spring clipped to it and soaked in detergent. It comes to a point so I can get in corners and I can thread it on the extension pole. $5 at home depot. It’s worthless without the rag clipped to it though. The rag makes all the difference.


Thanks all what im gathering is the bristles dont really matter its more about surrounding the gutters with the rag.

Yeah. In my experience the rag cuts gutter scrubbing time by 2/3. Even the nastiest gutters it’s one or two swipes and I’m golden.


You’re in my state! Message me your address and I’ll send you one for free. I bought a ton of 'em.

Speaking of gutters has anyone used the gutter cleaner attachment for a wand. Suppose to keep you on the ground. Just curious how good it is. Have a big gutter clean out soon.

Just another vendor gimmick.

Doesn’t work worth a darn.

Could you please link me to the gutter products you use. I would like to buy them and start offering the whitening service.

I don’t do gutter whitening or hand scrub them anymore. Just regular house wash. Sometimes at a higher concentration with the X jet on the front of the house if it’s really bad.

F-13, and Gutter Butter are two popular chemicals that many pros use. Purple power and LA Awesome are as well. Be careful because if you mix these products too strong, and let them dwell too long, then can remove the paint.

Magic erasers can help on really bad spots. You can buy them in bulk on ebay or amazon for a fraction of the cost that they are in stores.

This is a favorite gutter brush for many contractors… although you can just buy a regular truck brush if you want, and put it on an extension pole.


This is a good 30 ft. pole to reach 2nd or maybe 3rd story.

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@tireshark Have you used that brush in the link yet? If so, how does it compare weight wise to the salt and pepper brushes? Weight matters more to me than anything, but I sure like the way that brush is designed.

Yes, i’ve used it and like it very much. I haven’t used the salt and pepper, so i cant compare them, sorry.

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So I was at the Depot today looking for one of those brushes they were out but I found one of these and I thought you would appreciate it


I had one similar to that and it didn’t last long, but that one does look a lot more stout.