What are these?

I have a wash scheduled for Saturday and this house has these all over the backside. If you have experience with these, is there anything special to know about them.

If I had to guess I’d say there use to be a bunch of ivy vines growing up that side. Looks like they go a majority of them off and that’s what left. They don’t come off very easy so be sure to let them know they’ll still be there when you’re done washing unless you want to hand pick them off.

Those are bagworm cocoons. Some of them will come off with a house wash, some need a soft touch with a brush.

All about the bagworm moth


That is it. Thanks for the link. There’s not too many so I will lightly brush what doesnt wash away

Let me say not a single one seemed to come off with the wash. Brushing helped a little, an I mean a little. Finally I had to just hand pick those suckers off. Thanks god I charged accordingly. I will now charge a ton more for Bagworm houses