What are the major components of a roof washing setup?

Besides the obvious (hoses, wands, etc), what do we have?

A pump, a power source, a tank? Is the tank necessary because you have to mix the solution?

As I understand it, the reason a pressure washer can’t be used is because you can’t downstream?

A 5 - 7 gpm pump probably the best to start with is a 12 volt. A tank 65 gals will do or smaller if you don’t mind having to keep making mix. No you can’t downstream because you can’t get a strong enough solution on the roof.

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Clark, you’ve got my back all over the place :slight_smile:


What do you think costwise for a pump, tank, battery to start out with? I know my best bet would be just to call Bob, but I’m just so slammed that I have no time to talk on the phone it seems.

I would get the Fatboy Bandit setup that way the day you get it you can start. It’s all set and ready to go. I get my tanks at tractor supply.

Get the cheapest 12v pump kit that Bob sells. It’s listed on Pressure Tek. It’s not fancy. It’s slower and the gpms are lower, but you kill less stuff that way and you also waste less product while learning.

Eventually you’ll get one of Bobs bandits but its not like I need a $2,500.00 pole to start washing windows. neither does one need the full monty to start roof washing.


I strongly suggest looking at the Flojet Pentaflex 7 gpm pump. It is a beast.

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Last time I checked… PowerWash.com had a cheaper price on some of the roof cleaning pumps - not including the 5% PWRA discount.

The bandit is great! But there are other options, too.

Hey Thad, where did you get your pump from?

From Bob!

Thats where I got mine from too but he doesn’t carry them any longer. He told me where to get them but my memory is shot, I don’t even know what day it is


Mine has been hassle-free.
No blown fuses, no blown relays, no accumulator tank, no priming issues.

It just runs.

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My mistake, I have the flojet that runs off the air tank

How do you like that?

Oh, and by the way- Good to see you around!

I like it. its the only air pump I have experience with so I have nothing to compare it to.

Thanks, I came in looking for Chris (I have a job for him) when I started reading and getting distracted from work.

I have the Mosmatic Roof Cleaner DR-520. It is an industrial quality tool especially designed for professional, high pressure roof cleaning while keeping the operator in a safe operating area. The premium Mosmatic Swivel ensures best performance under harsh conditions.

And how many many roofs have you damaged using this system?

Posts like this are why we need a signature from everybody. This guy cleans basements and is posting wrong info on how to do jobs. Check all his posts and see if you agree with any of his methods.