What am I missing here?

A couple of days ago while I was on a job, I broke one of my guns (my own stupidity) and my other gun quit working soon after. So to finish up the job I had to run to northern tools and I picked up two guns (that was my only choice at the moment). The next day I was washing again and the gun would not shut off the flow completely. So I tried the other new gun and it will not cut off the flow completely. Even with the pressure washer turned off it will not stop the flow completely. Did I get 2 faulty guns or am I missing something? I’m going to order a good gun online tonight but I would like to get a little use out of these two from northern tool.

Might you have accidentally bought flow-through (“weeper”) guns designed for car washes?

Some guns are designed to weep a certain amount of flow to help keep the pumps cooler while in bypass prevent them from freezing in wintertime at self-serve car washes.


Dang I feel stupid. I dug out the package from the trash and sure enough it said “weeping” at the bottom. I was in a hurry that day to get the job done.
I owe you one my friend.

Good call on on him using weep guns but to not spread misinformation those weep guns are used at car washes to prevent the water from freezing and causing damage. In order for a weep gun to cool a 4-5 gpm pump it would need to weep three to four times as much as they do so they are not for that.

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“I knew that, I was just testing you…”

-my Father in Law

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“Dezmar, your hood has an airfoil. The scoop is raised and it forms an airplanes airfoil. This knocks out the top atoms and allows the bottom atoms to Lift!! You will loose your hood on the highway and hit another car, causing it to crash and someone will Die! (I took it off)” signed Dad