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I’ve seen some guys do this same thing with the j-rod mounted to the gun. I read thru the comments and I am trying to understand the appeal - is it just less hand fatigue since it’s lighter to hold?

Is it safe to assume that applying sh with it spraying out closer to your body that the drift-back is worse?


There is some drift back, but I don’t know if it’s any better with 6”, 12”, 24”, etc wands. The appeal to me is that I can hold the gun easily with one hand, can more easily change out the jrod based upon soap/no soap/fan/stream, and it allows me to get into tighter areas with ease. Picture holding a hunting rifle vs a pistol for walking along a small front porch, or an enclosed screen porch.


Makes sense - I will try it today for sure. Thanks!

Day 5:

The sun is really the limiting factor and we seem to be averaging 20 units a day. By 3pm it’s just too much heat for us so we pack up around then. We’re getting interesting feedback from the elderly residents, one lady was upset I didn’t “get the rust off her patio”, others are elated and make comments about how much other people are “annoying” and to keep up the good work lol.

Again @Innocentbystander suggested another mod that has made washing more efficient.

I also added the Mosmatic swivel taken off the ball valve I was using. The little 6" is cool, you can pop it off and kinda holster it in a hammer loop while surface cleaning.

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Now, you just need to cut down to two nozzles. I’m working on you slowly but surely

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Man I tell you what, these gutters are made of dirt. I use the HP fan a lot on removing the gutter dirt and small edging around steps or fence posts I can’t get with the SC. The HP shooter doesn’t get used much any more, maybe stubborn dirt in 2nd story gutters.

I honestly haven’t found any other way to get them clean, multiple HW and LP shooter rinse just doesn’t get it all.

What 2 nozzles do you suggest? I can’t Imagine going without one of mine. I use a low pressure 0 5 and 25 degree and then a medium/high pressure 25 degree for knocking growth off brick or whatever

I use a 0050 and low pressure fan tip. That will cover pretty much anything I need to wash. There is always a wand with a turbo of I needed to pop gum. Some of the guys like a pressure fan tip so I’ll make a jrod for them with three, but I make them in a triangle instead of three in a row.

6 condos left! Tomorrow we meet with our maintenance contact to go over loose ends and a sweep for quality. Just about everyone is really happy we got this done, a couple grumps were picking at a couple issues but nothing serious. I had my wife mark down abnormal aspects of some units like loose flashing and the like.

We did have a ‘heart attack’ moment when a lady tripped on our supply hose in the grass, she insisted she was fine and paid us extra to do her patio. Not gonna lie a little nervous about this one.


I put up safety cones and signs out….says watch for hoses on the ground. You do what you can to prevent an injury.


I did a senior center last year, went out and bought a couple of the caution/slippery when wet junk signs to put all over.

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Why was she loitering around a contractors work area unsupervised? You say “heart attack” as if you could have been at fault. How does it work over there? Where does your line of responsibility end and theirs start had she been injured? I notice you have a strong suing culture over there for anything and everything. Just curious.

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Oh yeah. People get paid for being stupid over here. You can have warning tape up, cones, you name it and they’ll ignore. Then when something happens, it’s your fault.

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I had a quote request for a fast food joint that was being remodeled last year. It was surrounded by tape, cones, road blocks, etc… Probably 50 constructions workers on site with the place a total wreck. While I’m talking to the head honcho in the dining room, a little old lady managed to find her way in & came over to ask us if she could order food. We couldn’t hear whatever she said over the miter saw but once she finally left, he said it happens every 15 minutes.


Project is done, check is deposited. Thanks to everyone that got me to this point.

Manager now wants me to do the sides and back if 30+ units next year, they are nasty. Should be a good payday.


Fun getting those big checks isn’t it. Congrats on getting it knocked out.