WFP hose recommendation

To all the professional window cleaners.

What is the best hose for 350’ run?

Using 5gpm pump to push to brushes.

5 gpm is on the larger side. Do you have a pump controller or accumulator tank to allow you to slow the flow a bit?

I run 250’ of 3/8” hose for a single pole with rinse bar. I get some pump cycling with a 2 gpm pump. I should really install another pump controller; they really help.

If you’re insistent on running the full 350’ and going with the 5gpm pump, you definitely want to have 1/2” hose. And maximize your output at the brush with a rinse bar and possibly pencil jets, as well. GPM is king. (I’m partial to flexzilla, of course :grin:)

You can also improve flow by upgrading to 3/8” tubing for the pole hose, instead of the standard 5/16” (Tubing is measured by OD)

Also, each pole should have its own pump. You’ll be much happier that way.

Edit: didn’t even stop to consider: you running off a pump, or tap pressure? If running off the tap, you might need some type of booster pump depending on your filtration system and other factors.

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Is the 5gpm something like this:

Or is it a pw pump? You don’t want more than 120psi running through RO’s.

Here is the hose you need, then adapt down at the pole.

The links won’t generate here for some reason.

But contact me and I’ll get you set.

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If it’s a 12v pump, then I agree with Alex to have a controller, really for any 12v pump with a wfp.

Thanks @Infinity! We are using an aodd pump and regulate flow with a ball valve. It’s a mini me of our main softwash pump.

Currently joining 150’ and 75’ sections of 3/8 but have been needing more length for larger jobs. Wanted to check with the pros to ensure I’m not missing something.

We use a pump after sed/carbon to ro filter then to a holding tank then pump out to the poles.

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Agree with @Infinity, I use 250 3/8” Flexillia myself to one pole.

Hi @Jordie, no it’s more like

Max is set at 80 psi

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@garry.cooper I run tap, heater, 250’ flexzilla, 50’ 1/4 air hose, then the last foot xero to the brush. Use tucker 4 pencil jets, and I drilled them out for more flow without too much overspray. I don’t like the over the top rinse bar, just never got the hang of it.

5 gpm is way too much in my opinion, unless your running 2-3 poles with high flow or 3+.

Edit-extra flow is nice on resi, but especially nice on commercial glass, at least on hydrophilic glass. I thankfully don’t have to deal with too much hydrophobic. I find about a gallon a minute works for me, but most would say that is way too high. I’ve just found less mistakes with more flow, and hot water is nice because it cleans better, flows down the glass faster, and dries faster so you can find any drips sooner.

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From what I understand about AODD pumps (not much), there’s no harm done to the pump if the flow gets choked back by restrictions or smaller nozzles. (Unlike other types of pump systems.) And 5 gpm is probably the smallest AODD that’s readily available.

If I had room for a compressor on my rig, I’d totally consider switching to air operated pumps.

True, and I wasn’t thinking @garry.cooper that your not going to get 5 gpm at 80 psi due to actual gpm at that pressure on the pump curve. Idk, you probably won’t be able to run more than 2 poles with decent flow. I should have thought of that as I run air for my softwash!:man_facepalming:

@Infinity I run a large compressor that I got a great deal on. I plan on getting a large softwash pump for bigger properties, but that’s later on. You can controll the flow on a 12v though with a pump controller too, achieving roughly the same thing, though you would likely have to experiment so the pump wouldn’t cycle too much.

I use 300` of 3/8 air-tak 2 hose from Really any good 3/8 hose will do. Then another 80ft or so of the smaller 3/16 pole hose or whatever it is, as you dont want the 3/8 going to the brush head or else pole gets way too heavy. If you have multiple hoses, get different colours so they are easy to distinguish when rolled out. I have one 12v pump going into my RO then into a holding tank, then from there two more 12v pumps each going to its own DI tank and hose reel. Also between the pump and DI I have a return needle valve back to my holding tank, I adjust that to control line pressure/flow at brush. Cheap mans pump controller lol. Absolutely blasts water out of a rinse bar if I need it to.

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