Well, that’s me out of a job

I’m not convinced this will put anyone out of business any time soon lol if someone still has to pull up to the site, mix the chems, man the drone, then you might as well do it yourself. Now if someone could send a drone and control it from their couch, that might be a different story!


It’s interesting. I believe the drone is $40k+. Also it doesn’t look like stream direction is very precise.

That’s why I learned to fly a drone. If this becomes a thing, I’ll be set.


Cool thing for a hobby project.

But probably one of the more dumber things I have seen in the industry.

God our society is coming up with more things daily that makes them lazier.

I would have that house washed and in my truck leaving while that guy is still setting up the drone.

50 gallon drum sitting on the front lawn…lol

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Looks like you need a drone to watch the other drone… man! Looks like a slow process as well…

wait for the $99 drone


The drone will be destroyed from the overspray of the SH within one season.


We’d be done washing that wall by the time they finished setting their drone up, and for a significantly lower price. No worries at all…

One bump from a gust of wind and there goes your investment.

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