Weird stuff. Cleaning wall paper/corn starch glue off houses

A cornstarch mill owned by a company called Fairview Mills overflowed during a windy, wet day 7 months ago and the homeowners of a small town just off the Nebraska border have been trying to get Fairview Mills to pay to clean their homes. Fairview Mills finally relented after class action threats and decided to cut the homeowners a check. Well… that’s good for the homeowners, but not so great for me. You give folks $1500 and they decide what to do with it. So I got three total houses out of the fiasco. Ultimately, I’m just glad they found a way to make it right between them and the people of the town.

I went there a couple months ago to test a few products to get the wallpaper glue off the houses and windows. I found that Purple Power was the golden ticket.

The cornstarch glue wasn’t really easy to see, but you could feel the gritty clear film on all the surfaces and see it on the bottom edges of all the window glass. It covered the algae and north sides of the houses so well that house wash mix didn’t even change the algae’s color.

Anyway, if anyone runs into houses covered with cornstarch glue Purple Power downstreamed twice followed by HW mix is the ticket. Weird stuff, but who knows… if you run into it now you can say you know how to clean it.


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Why spend that $1500 on a house wash when you can go to the Casino

Exactly. Some of the estimates I gave were for $1800-2000 due to outbuildings and shops or whatever. I think the company knew they could get away with paying less than what it was going to cost by giving away money.

And unfortunately, small towns also mean drug problems some times. One house I washed was well maintained minus the corn starch but it was right next to a house that’d likely have been condemned where I live.


Thats good info. But its pretty unlikely that anyone will ever come across a situation like that. Are you getting$1500 per house? That’s crazy good money. I remember when you posted about this a few months ago. Did you actually go out there to take a look or just bid high and hopr for the best? Either way, good for you.