Weird phone call

Our small driveways start at $100. 2 car liner 500sq ft driveway. So at almost 10PM on a Saturday night I get a phone message. The guy says, “I saw your add for starting at $100, and I don’t agree with it. Call me.” WTF, is this a local PW guy disagreeing with my starting price or is it some nut job potential customer who wants to be charged more? I have no idea but I’ll at least TEXT him Monday morning. Crazy phone message. Sounded like Sol Rosenberg from The Jerky Boys. Lol.

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Lol either way id love to hear this conversation

This happened to me 12 years ago, a local WC called me up and stated my prices weren’t in line with local pricing and I needed to change them.

A few years later we got around to talking and he wanted to adjust his original statement, saying he was just offering helpful advice.

Who do these people think they are? John Gotti? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I don’t really consider anyone a competitor, just cohorts. I’ve befriended several around town & haven’t regretted it yet. One of them took his old job back in December & now he sends me all his customers. Call the dude back! Find out if he’s legit. He may be able to help you out with your neck of the woods in ways this forum isn’t capable of. He may even send you some work. I could rant all night on the importance of local networking but I’ll stop there for now.


He sounded like a nut. I’m gonna have to pass on this guy.

Yeah thats 1 thing i need to push myself on is just calling local guys and introducing myself and what not

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