Weight distribution

New enclosed single axle build. Will be a basic residential cleaning setup.

Reels to the side door or rear and pump placemat revolves around tank placement.

The pic below shows where the tank would need to be if I put the skid with the exhaust pointing out the rear. It barely fits this way and I still need to see if I can change the oil filter like this. Is the tank placement ok being slight ahead of the axle?
If I put the skid sideways then I need an exhaust elbow to direct it out.
Thoughts? (Cardboard is the skid)

You want about 60% tongue weight over all.And since you have about 2200 lbs of carrying weight. you will not be able to run with a full tank of water. If it where me I would center the tank over the axle. Because you will still need to add your Sh tank and soap tank if you use one.

I had the same exact problem, went with square vertical tanks. A leg tank takes up too much space.

Def not going to have a full tank, got the tank for cheap used, will be 50-100 gallons for Transport.
Rest of equipment will be the basics, 2 reels 200ft of hoses, pump skid is about 250lbs.
Just need to figure out a layout with reels at the side door against the wall or rear. If the reels are in back pump will have to be up front I assume because of weight.

How exactly do you calculate weight on the tongue easily? Surely everyone isn’t going to a weigh station.
So if my tank went from center of axle to maybe 12 inch forward , would that be ok?

Yea I didn’t think of vertical tanks until after the fact. If you drive with no or half full water , how can you calculate weight being that once you start filling that changes things? Or is it that most of the safety balancing is more for during transport?

We should of asked what size is the trailer? That is why I would go to the center or near forward of center of the axle for the big tank Since you are lifting the rest you can guesstmate the weight of the rest. Balance from there remembering that the farther towards the front the more weight that you could have on the back. Here is a way to think about it. You put 100 lbs in the very front that would allow you to put 125 lbs near the rear doors because you will not be that far behind the axle. with the SH tank in front of your water tank that would offset even more behind the water tank. Just think of a teeter tared how you balanced them. The axle is the balance point. you want more weight in front of that.

It’s a 6x10 enclosed flat front barn doors and a side door. Thanks

Mine is a 5x10.

Might want to consider getting another tank, that thing is going to eat up some serious space you’ll need for other things, like an SH tank etc.

Unless you plan on running dual machines and filling from a hydrant that tank will be overkill. I run off a 55gal vertical and works fine for residential.

Tongue weight should be 10 - 15%. Pay attention to this, too much/too little tongue weight can be disastrous.

I have a 7gpm and here spigots are about 3.5-4 so I was think if I was going a decent size driveway I would need more than a 55 gal tank?

Most if not all trailer manufactures recommends a 60% 40% split between front to back weight distribution. Too heavy on the back will cause you to fishtail at higher speeds. too heavy on the on the tongue breaks them quickly.

Aren’t leg tanks best for sloshing? How is transporting / sloshing with a vertical tank? Anyone run two vertical tanks on each side of a axle fans fed one machine with it?

I run a 250 gal tote with 4" drainage coil in the bottom with very little sloshing. I feel 100 gallon Sh tank more than the water.