Weighing Down Surface Cleaner

So I used my surface cleaner for the first time today. It went pretty well, but I am getting a lot of lift making it hard to work with. It is a 18” Hammerhead, so I know I get what I pay for. I saw in another post where @squidskc was talking about problems with lift with these surface cleaners, especially the ones with plastic decks. I saw that some guys are weighing it down, what are you using? I would like to attach something permantely and that looks like it belongs haha

For reference I am using a 5.5 GPM 2500 PSI machine and the tips are 25035.

Start off with adding a 90° elbow directly above the swivel. This creates a bit of turbulence and can reduce the lift without adding any weight.


What @Infinity said. From time to time I’ll spring clip a gallon jug of elemonator to the pressure hose on the deck if I’m doing some wonky uphill walkway or angled anything.

I used to have that same problem with my 19" classic when I upgraded from 5.5 @35 to 8@35. I switched the nozzles and dropped it to 2500 psi for residential work amd havnt had that problem since. I see you’re already at 2500 psi so thats not much help. I remember @Innocentbystander saying that you could put a 90° elbow on the swivel and that helps alleviate the problem so maybe that’ll work for you.

Thanks for all the advice, I will definitely add the elbow and see if that helps! It’s not a lot of lift, so I’m sure it will. Such an easy solution just couldn’t think of anything. Another reason why I love this community!

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Do you feel any loss of power by putting a 90 on there . I would love to lose the weight but not if it slows me down

I personally don’t use a 90. Just read on here that it helps. I just put bigger nozzles on the schedule to drop the pressure and that did it for me. I have larger surface cleaners I use for commercial work and mostly just the 19" for residential. On a side note I get the same results cleaning dumpster pads withe 2500 psi that I do with 3500.

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I’ll give it a try this week and see if I notice any difference.


I just use an ankle weight if needed around swivel. Most the time I don’t need.


I screwed a 2.5 lb plate to the top of mine at the back of the deck. No lift, no problem.

I agree it’s not that big of a deal I’ve been doing it for years and it never bothered me but there always room for improvement so it’s worth a shot