Weeds on paving

Hello guys, I have a question about weeds, i know that there was a lot of topics that say to spray a weed killer on them and leave it for a few days but i still have a question, will they come out easily using surface cleaner? Because the main problem is with the roots, the “core” of the weeds after using a surface cleaner is still between the bricks in the paving. My hands look terrible after this job because I’ve been using my hands (didn’t used weed killer earlier) to take them out from the paving. This is the job at the start and after few hours, now there is almost 0 of them, we done everything we could but for the future I want to know the fastest way to kill this green things because as we know, time is money.

Weed eat them down to nubs, then spray weed killer or about a 50-50 mix on them, let sit for 4-5 days, then surface clean.


String trimmer. Surface clean or turbo as necessary on really bad moss, then 3% post treat. It’ll kill the grass for a while.

You’re not a landscaper, customers need to know that.


If you care about the regs., check them in yoyur state. In VA (if I read them correctly a while back) we are not only not allowed to spray a drop of weed killer, we can’t recommend they do it themselves without a license either.

You mean to tell me that if I walk in a HD up there that there is no weed killer for sale. I find that hard to believe. Just had to look. Can buy all you want at Fredericksburg store.

You can buy and apply all you want, as long as it’s your property.


That didn’t work…

You re not in that business. That’s an incidental. Same as you guys spraying a wasp nest on a house you’re cleaning, doesn’t make you an exterminator.

Based on those photos, it looks an awful lot like you’re a landscaper. Would’ve been easier to tear down the fence & drive a zero turn in there.

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If I recommend it as a part of the process to get the patio clean, some idiot can easily jerk me around. I’m not interested in testing our gov’t these days, it’s like a box of chocolates.

Price you pay for being up there with so many astute legislators, lol.

nah, we try to not go up there…even for lights the beltway is a firm line of demarcation

It was really bad. If I was a landscaper though, I would have torn up all those pavers, leveled out the ground and reset all of them.

And i thought this one was bad


Did you seal that? What was your process here?

No no just took the bigs weeds out, hw mix, let dry, surface cleaner.

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nice job

Should have sold them a sealing job