Weedless tackle

Any recommendations for true weedless lures for bass, northern pike, walleye? I found a good spot but it just cost me 50$ in lost tackle in a morning. Plus i don’t like leaving stuff at the bottom of a lake or river.

Texas rig works well. Basically any rigging that covers the hook up works pretty well in the southern states. Up in Canuckia I have no clue what types of grasses you have in your waters. They make “weedless” hooks with a tip guard but I’ve never personally used those. I really only fish for bass, crappie, and catfish.

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x2 on the Texas rig, pretty much all I use if I’m around any grass, pads, or submerged timber. I’ve mistakenly set the hook in a few stubborn pads stalks, and lost them… but that’s about it…

I’ve had real good luck with these Kelly Worms