WEBSITE Tricks and Tips

I was just alerted by WIX that my new friend squidskc is visiting my site, and couldn’t figure out how to message him privately. So, in the interest of furthering discussion about marketing, are there any suggestions or rewrites, advice on my website I have much to learn…

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I look creepily at most people’s websites here. My website is awful so I’m always looking for ideas as well.

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I highly recommend WIX. The learning curve isn’t too steep and there are tons of apps that you can load on your site. Let’s see if I can find YOUR site. Let’s exchange some advice to up our game, not that yours needs upping. Mine certainly does.

So I got this idea about cleaning sidewalks for a buck. Since you visited my site this morning, I put out 30 flyers with my card taped to it on mailboxes. I already have an appointment tomorrow morning, and they want a quote on house washing and pressure washing the rest of their concrete. NOT BAD for 30 minutes of marketing!