Website Fedback....another 1

First and foremost TIA for all the great info on the forum. I’ve been in business for 2 years. Had the website for over a year or so. Any critique much appreciated. I have partnered w MrPipeline to manage GoogleAds for me which I’m starting to think maybe I could have done but Im pleased w the service so I digress. The issue I’m having is I’ve spent some money on clicks and it hasn’t turned into any leads/business compared to other lead generations I use. I’m led to believe my website does not have a high conversion.

PS Happy Valentines & give your loved ones a smooch!

Website looks good. I haven’t had any success with AdWords but I did it myself. I have read that having specific landing pages helps.

Not enough content. Important for SEO.

A couple things:

  1. Website looks pretty decent. Assuming it was built on Wordpress I would invest in someone optimizing it to get you to the front page of google and high up on the map listing. I personally have had better results with seo than AdWords.

  2. AdWords, if not dialed in to the finest detail, is a waste of money IMO. There is nothing stopping a competitor clicking your ad and racking up your bill. There are other cheaper method of advertising with better returns.

  3. You should be looking at google analytics to see how your website is performing. Is the bounce rate high? High bounce rate means people are spending time on your website and it’s not converting. Analytics can also tell you if you’re tarketing the right people on AdWords. If you see you have visitors from the other side of the country, your ad probably isn’t tarketing the right people. It happens so much.

Lots of things to consider but personally I never run ads on google. And I would sure never do it if my site wasn’t optimized


I’ll show my ignorance here. What exactly does “optimizing” it mean?

And what do you mean converting?

Obviously I have a lot to learn, but I hear this kind of stuff all the time and I’m clueless to it all.

Yeah here is where I think I messed up. I went against advice for SEO and opted for Ads as I wanted a quicker ROI. Well for the month I’ve spent $400 and have not received but one organic phone call that i can’t trace origin other than asking how they heard about us. I know that’s not a huge budget but I’ve had better ROIs elsewhere. I have not heard of Google analytics and am signing up today.

Optimizing - to my understanding anyways, having the website rank higher with search engines, making the site more fluid and overall pleasing to the eye

Conversion - your website actually “converts” “window shoppers” to actual customers/leads


“Optimizing” means to optimize (perfect) the site so google loves you and puts you high up on google. If your website is on the 8th page people won’t find you. If you optimize it and get to the first page people have a much better chance to find your site.

“Converting” like stayed above, is taking people who visit your site and turning them into customers. You want your website to keep their attention and you want them to visit many pages while they are there. The longer they are on your site the better chance they will call you. If they visit home page then leave, they most likely won’t convert

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Makes sense. But without paying someone how would someone “optimize” their site? I get what you are saying, but how do you know how to perfect it? Does google have certain perameters for this type of stuff? I hear tons of people talking about the money they are spending on SEO and I’ve only heard a few that said they felt as though they were getting results and those few were spending a lot of money on it.

And I guess the biggest thing with converting these visitors is just having a good site that keeps them looking and reading? I seriourly need to do some studying on all this!

Thanks for the info!

Get the Google Business app. Find out for yourself what people are doing, such as - when they visit, where they are located, what keywords they used to find you, what pages they viewed, did they call you etc.

Oh, and forget Facebook reviews, they are nice, but don’t help with ranking or choosing you over the next person on Google - get Google reviews :+1:t2:

Your Google business page is very important. Post photos there.

(Your website background image doesn’t work on my iPad by the way, it judders and looks bad)

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Thanks for update I never tried browsing via iPad. Scrolls okay on the phone. It is really difficilt to get google reviews even when I email and text links straight to it as a service follow up. I had offered a free rust removal for a neighbor if she left a review. Which she did. And hollered that we ‘did a great job and it was FREEEEEEEEE’ which was not wht I wished she said but its a 5 star review.

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Oh man I feel ya, it’s almost impossible.

People need an account, it gets messy and they just give up.

Even with a direct link, as you say - no dice!