Website critique, specifically on a few pages

I’d really like your thoughts on the home page, prices, and our services. I need to spruce the services page up, but somehow always make it look the same…

Why so cheap?

The font was a bit difficult to read.

What’s cheap? I have been trying to figure out how to increase the font without making it look goofy, still playing with that.

The prices that you describe as rarely going over are the prices I describe as rarely going under. I understand that all markets are different, I was just trying to understand how we could be so close on the map and so far apart on price.

Starting at $300 up to 2,000 sq. ft. Most homes are less than $400 Is the part that I’m referring too. Just seems cheap, that’s all.

Oh, I thought that was more than many charge around here. I’ll test out charging higher and see how it goes.

Benz dealers always charge more than Kia dealers.

Let me warn you, you won’t be as busy. That bothers some people.

Thanks, Tim. I always feel like I am ripping people off if my prices are high, but I know I haven’t been the cheapest here either. I just closed a $1,200 deal for a roof and house wash a half hour ago and the guy didn’t even blink.

I finally figured out how to increase the size and made the font a bit darker, I think it can be read a lot easier now.

You have to stop making people shop with your wallet. Let them shop with theirs.

+1. If they accept your bid then they are happy with the price. Now it’s up to you to make sure your offering the best service that you can to reflect that your worth the price.

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Site looks good Phil. Nice and clean.

Looks good! “no scary workers” lol I like that

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