Website Building


Can’t disagree more with this rant but if the mousetrap is working don’t change it.

Don’t be a commodity and then you won’t have to worry about it.


JK Ogden will build you a site that you own, template & all no monthly maintenance fees, mobile friendly, lots of plugins wordpress site, ssl secure, If you have been in this business for 15 years you will recognize the name he has done a lot of the larger forum sites. I have been with him for 10 years he is a good family man & can save you thousands.


You can do your own seo work on your site and gear it to the market you want. There is a lot of seo info for beginners.


Just like @Kps0410 mentioned, I would recommend giving Mr. Pipeline a call! They are out of South Florida


That’s what I did. It wasn’t hard. I used Wix, and a few hours dedicated to SEO makes me show up on google for multiple cities. Confirmed by using other computers and phones to make sure it wasn’t appearing only to me.

I am in a small market area though, and don’t have much competition. It will not be easier for people in larger markets.




Mr Pipeline can you give more useful information? Thank you.


Thanks for your work on getting mine going. It’s doing great and with Taylors help we’re fine tuning it. I’m sending more pictures tonight


No matter how hard they work some will tell you that I’ve never fired on all cylinders :rofl:


@mrpipeline, just checking here: have you spoken with @Chris or @Alex about becoming an approved vendor?


I just hired Larissa Uredi from Nowhere Consultants to do our Christmas lighting website about a month and a half ago, I didn’t really give her much to work with and her team did a one page site with everything I needed for $250 and had it done quickly. Even created the slogan for us. By this time next year she’ll have full control of the PW website, facebook page, and all SEO stuff. She does a ton of work with service companies.

If you want me to connect you PM me.


If I do anything web wise it would probably be a one page site. Something I can test different adds with on ad words and FB. I’m not convinced a multi page web site will produce much more than its first page