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Hello Everyone,

Who knows someone that builds professional website specializing in power washing?

Ive read about someone named Ana or Amanda… don’t remember her name, if you know who im talking about please put her contact!

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Rob Anderson has someone he strongly recommends.

which are?

I use Mister Pipeline. JD and Taylor have been great. They have followed through with everything they’ve said. They understand the pressure washing business.


Amberdexrious. Or something along that line is what your looking for

Sorry, I’ve forgotten. Rob has some amazing YouTube videos. He mentioned them there a couple times. He credits them with incresing his business greatly.

Not sure how computer savvy you are but with the more moddern website builders it is possible to make your own quality site.

Ambidextrous did mine. Been trying for about 8 years to get stuff changed. Kinda been a headache. She must be busy. Ask @florida_condo_cleani

I feel bamboozald by her . Maybe it’s my fault but I was unaware of the annual fee and the fact no other web company could work on the site. I assume since I payed $1600 for it I owned it. Apparently they still own it. Came off as kinda shady

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Good to know…she didn’t do myne but I’ve heard the name thrown around a lot

I talked to Ambidextrous last year, I also was put off by the fact that after paying a pretty good monthly fee $250+ if I remember I still owned nothing, until if I remember right 3 years. For 9k I would think I could just pay someone outright and pay them to make changes and adjustments. But to be honest I really am not computer savvy at all. And I could be miss remembering.
I realize it makes for a sustainable business model but I get tired of everything being a subscription service that you can’t cancel or you lose everything. In the big picture $500 a month for all these services, website, CRM, bookkeeping, etc is probably a bargain, but I would personally rather have more up front cost and less over the long term.
That’s just me though.

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My website was around$1000 and that includes the website Facebook page and designing my logo. I have been extremely satisfied with them. They have gone out of their way to make sure everything is like I want it.

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Who did the site for you?

If you choose her web design option it states that you own the website outright once finished. $2700-4200 depending on what package you choose.

What is said and what occurs is often different

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Mister Pipeline.

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They were recommended by someone on here

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When I had her do mine there was no talk about additional fees. I was very clear in how computer stupid I am and paid an additional $400 above the base $1200 for my little involvement in the process. After another Seo guy looked at it he told me that she used an outdated format to build the site. And it would be difficult for other companies to work with the website

Do you use them for the seo also? Aside from the one year I had that worthless website ive never had any online presence. I really should change that I just don’t want to waist another $2000 on something useless. I don’t mind paying for seo as long as it producing. Ive had quotes from $200 months to over $2000 a month. I really want someone that knows what they’re doing.

Thanks for the tip. I really do not want someone owning the website after the design is completed. That sounds shady. I’ll look into someone else for the design.

For seo, one thing you may want to try is semrush($80/month). Seo really isn’t that complicated and you can run an audit where they tell you what things to improve on your site and how to do it. The prices companies charge for seo is outrageous and that would be a good thing to try first I think. That’s probably the one tool I couldn’t live without in my current business.