Webinar last night

Hey guys
it was a great webinar last night! I did have some questions maybe some of you can answer. Alex mentioned pressure washing 2 and 3 stories from the ground. I would like to know what equipment is needed for this. I have my own window cleaning business and am wanting to add a very small scale pressure washing add on to it. Im not gonna spend much on it right now.

Hello Jay,
Thanks for coming to the Webinar last night. Along with purchasing a pressure washer you’ll need either a X-Jet or a Downstream Injector with the proper tips matched with your machine. I will be doing a video showing the results using the Downstream Injector and a X-Jet showing that you can reach 2-3 stories homes. Also if you need help with any equipment call Trey Posey at http://www.Powerwash.com or Bob Williamson at http://www.pressuretek.com. They can guide you in the direction that you want to go as well as outstanding equipment and service.

Thanks to everyone that attended… Alex thank you again, it was awesome.