Web page help

So affter my first year in the business I have decided that I will continue and work on growing my business. I plan on taking the off season to work on my rig and develop my brand. I wanted to see what website building sites you all use to build yours. I have started working on one with Google but I don’t know if I will need more then Google offers. This leads to the next question. What should I include in my web page. Thank for the help.

Learn about SEO, if you have it in your budget it would be better for a reputable company to build it for you. If you don’t I recommend finding a pressure washing website online you like and one that looks professional and copy it to the best of your ability.

I paid companies for a few years to manage our site, seo, google, etc. Was a waste of money. They only thing they did that really drove hits was paying for google ads, which I can do on my own.

Few months ago I fired the last company that was doing it for me and built a site on square space, and it looks better than the one the company that works with a couple hundred multi-million $ companies had built and I’ve gotten better results on the seo/impressions side of things.

Best to learn it not overly difficult and you can pinpoint your SEO to exactly where you want to be, first get a host plan , on the cPanel there’s a one click install for Wordpress :+1:t2: No need to know about coding everything you need is a plugin it’s as simple as using the App Store on a phone installing the plugins, watch a few YouTube how to vids it’s really not as hard as you think and unless you want bells & whistles everything is free bar the basic hosting costs, in UK mine is £39 for the year, once you’ve done one you’ll wonder how these web designers get away with their prices :flushed: best free plugins are, yoast for seo and auto-optimise for speed just be sure your Wordpress theme you pick is labelled ‘responsive’ then it will work on all devices :+1:t2:

I prefer to do what I’m good at, and pay people to do the things that I’m not…figuring out (and keeping up on the changes to) SEO is definitely not the best use of my time…

Cory - if you are going to build it yourself (which is what I did) you can get a $99/year subscription to Elementor hosting - they use Google servers and cloudflare for a CDN. Elementor is easy to learn. They have one button Wordpress installation. Check my site out if you want - www.j2ent.com - it’s not a lot, but it’s internet presence and a place where folks can go to request a free estimate or lets me send them there to get their data and prevent mistypes/mistakes/misspellings. It also gives them a flavor for who they are dealing with. For residential, as we all know, women are typically making the calls to get services in the home so it’s helpful to give them an idea of who’s is coming to their home in order to help make the sale. I have website, google, Facebook, LinkedIN and Instagram pages. Message me if you have questions.