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Hi All,

A little about myself. I own a exterior cleaning company as well as work a 9-5 doing website development, SEO, Web Ads and Social Media. Our company provides solutions for small-medium service area business’s. The company started as a solution for HVAC contractors over 20 years ago to get a presence online. We have over 450 companys including HVAC, electrical, construction and plumbing. Im speaking with our owner about bringing in exterior cleaning services under our umbrella(soft washing, window cleaning, concrete sealing, christmas light hanging) That being said I wanted to reach out to see how the community feels about some things.

I’m building some package levels with pricing, let me know if this is something you would be interested in if your current website company offered this.

Base Level:
“I just want a website so people can find me”
$400/month Plus a $600 One Time Setup Fee

  • 15 Email accounts
  • Domain Hosting Included
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Redisign Every 36 Months
  • Forms
  • Timed Content(Coupons, Pop Ups, Specials)
  • Seasonal Content Updates(For example, in Michigan we would switch your keywords from exterior cleaning to light hanging or snow plowing in the fall and back to cleaning in the spring)
  • Minor site changes have a 24hr turn around time(Ex. "Please put build and put up a coupon for a 10% of window cleaning special this weekend)
  • SSL
  • Chat Bot

Basic Plus Level:
“I have some competitors in the area. I want to rank on Google and I want to be able to be found easily by customers”
$600/month Plus a $600 One Time Setup Fee

  • Local On Going Optimization(We regularly audit the site to make sure your rankings are where they need to be)
  • Google My Business Management(We manage all updates and reviews that come in to your listing)
  • Key Directory Management
  • 25 Email accounts
  • Domain Hosting Included
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Redisign Every 24 Months
  • Forms
  • Timed Content(Coupons, Pop Ups, Specials)
  • Seasonal Content Updates(For example, in Michigan we would switch your keywords from exterior cleaning to light hanging or snow plowing in the fall and back to cleaning in the spring)
  • Minor site changes have a 24hr turn around time(Ex. "Please put build and put up a coupon for a 10% of window cleaning special this weekend)
  • SSL
  • Chat Bot

Please keep in mind this is just an idea at this point. Im not looking to get anyone signed up. I just want to hear the community’s thoughts. We also offer all of our customer advise. If you arent sure how to go about something, or if your idea will work, our reps answer every call and genuinely want to see you succeed. We are a family owned business with about 50 employees all based within the US. We also do things like graphic design for mailers, offer packages for Social Media, City Pages, various review platforms and customer texting.

Even if your happy with your website provider feel free to ask any questions or provide feedback.

What’s your exterior cleaning website?

Hi @Dallsheep At this time I cant provide it because the trademark at the bottom of the page links to our web development company and I dont want the owner getting calls when im just in the beginning stages of setting this up. Furthermore, I used our system to build my website from scratch. Its not an accurate representation of what our company does. All our sites are designed by our graphics team, mine however was completely done by me and I dont feel it represents our work. However, I dont expect customers to just chance it and hope we build a nice site. Once this gets rolling I will be able to post many different designs we have done. There is however a good chance that if you Google “ac repair near me” we are going to have a customer within 30 miles and they will appear.

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I would like to follow up by saying we manage HVAC business with $10 Million plus annually with some up to 7 locations in 3 different states. Our designs are not fiverr or wordpress sites. They are built by a dedicated graphics team and they match your branding.

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The website maintenance fee is a vehicle payment :joy:

Website design I would pay for because mine is a janky word press site but considering hosting and domain prices and what they offer with what they charge compared to yours id have a tough time pulling the trigger.

I’d love to compare my site against your companies sites, not as a D measuring contest but to compare it versus a dedicated team and what they could come up with. IE If I can get 80% of the website for the 50 dollars a year I pay for my domain/hosting vs around 5000$ to what appears to be small updates or adding different specials. I may be oversimplifying it because I’m not a website guy.


Here’s mine for the sake of transparency and definitely a work in progress. I plan on doing a lot more tweaks during winter :joy:

@Dallsheep I really appreciate this.
First, well done on the site. This is really good for doing it yourself.
Im going to point out just a few things at a brief glance.

  • I see one mention of Juneau. Its important to mention your primary cities often. Furthermore, your going to want 2 more cities. Google is going to have a hard time knowing who and where you service because your site doesn’t give them much to go off. Google wants to serve its users, if joe blow is 20 miles outside of Juneau its not going to know if you service him. There is certain verbiage that can be added that helps Google.
  • Your “fold” (the portion of the website that loads before a user has to scroll) has very limited info. If users are on your site they already know what you do, they want to see your work and how your involved in the community. For this reason I would recommend bringing your service buttons to just below the fold as I had to scroll abit to find out what niche services you offer.
  • The benefits you list are in a boring format. Its just a list with no pop. Even though most people dont care about this its important its in a nice format that pops because Google will read it as important because its in its own section.
  • You need city pages. City pages help you rank in small towns that you may not advertise on your homepage.
  • Your phone number turns white on hover, Google will read this as a contrast issue and doesnt like it.
  • Your estimate form has unnecessary barriers. Email Address and additional info are not necessary. I understand why you have them but again, a required field is a barrier.
  • On mobile, your homepage doesn’t convey any meaningful info.
  • You are nowhere to be found on search rankings in Juneau. Your within the map pack, but that is only because you have no competitors right now. In search rankings your ranking below garbage sites and companys that arent even in your area.
  • You are missing tons of info in your GMB that will help Google figure out who and where you service.

In your case I dont think a development company is warranted. You dont have much if any competition. However, all its going to take is one guy to get one more review than you and a completed GMB and you will not be able to be found within Google.

I completely understand the 50 a year compared to 600 a month. However, being second in rankings depending on your city population can be the difference between afew jobs a month and staying afloat, and getting every lead in the area and growing. Your in AK so your sort of the exception, but if you were in Anchorage the other companies would crowd you out of rankings and you would get limited business.

Furthermore, if your business takes off your not going to have time to mess around with the site, gmb and aggregators(next door). You will be managing your people. Once that happens, you will find that 600 a month is about average for a generic website provider, however a specialized provider that actually looks into SEO and dynamically updates the site is pretty much set at 1000 a month to start and that’s industry standard.

Typically someone in your shoes comes to us with this situation.
Ive had a business for 10 years, we recently started a site but its become to much to manage and a new guy is starting and he is ranking above me and he is doing ads. Im losing business and I need to get above him. The conversation leads to ok, if your ok being second your looking at 600, if you want to be first your now directly fighting them and you will be looking at several thousand to be first. For some companies with massive overhead its worth it. But if your not there yet it sounds crazy to spend that kind of money. There are 1000 other small things we do but they would bore you

Nonetheless I personally provide consulting for websites so if you need any help feel free to reach out to me if your interested in that.(PS, its nowhere near 600 unless your having me do a site overhaul)

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What he said…get your city in there way more often, and words like “top rated pressure washing service” or “#1 pressure washing”, etc.

I was also going to say I would definitely not get into all that given your locale and that your site looks pretty good already (although I’m of little use in analyzing SEO, other than we just redid the content for all of our sites with a similar company, so they had to teach me a bit for me to write content effectively).

I know from our old site that you definitely can add in pop-ups, sliders, and coupon things into Wordpress as well. I had a bunch of those going on with the old site I inherited.

Also directly related to the cost is whether the design company does a one-off custom website, or if they have a collection of templates that they recycle for multiple businesses. My lights site is an almost dead replica of a guy down in NC, just with different verbiage and the added services I have on mine.