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I’ve been trying to use wix, but they keep trying to insert online sales. I don’t want online sales. Does anyone have another decent site to use?

I have a small part time business and I cultivate relationships which lead to other work for me. I also live in a rural area so there isn’t a ton of work around me. I just need people to be able to find me other than google, which doesn’t ever seem to list my business in the searches no matter what I do. I do some print advertising now and I have 2 billboard kind of signs (professionally done but not full billboards). I only put out bandit signs where I am working.

There is a learning curve to it but the You Tubes will walk you through it. I signed up with Siteground & used the Elementor plug-in to build it. It’s right around $220 for one year. That includes the domain & everything. Also includes an email with whatever @ your URL.

You can also go the GoDaddy route. Very user friendly.

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They steal websites. If you’re a day late on your payment, they’ll buy your URL & hold it hostage until you pay them a fee to get it back - just like a predatory tow truck driver. Just make sure you do your research & get a real deal WordPress website however you decide to roll.

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They all do it. I bought several domain names, as soon as they expired they were relisted for a couple of k.

Who was it on here had a nice side by side (before and after pic app) they used. I can’t find it in the search engine. Couldn’t have been more than 4 months ago. Figures I forgot to bookmark it

Maybe it was @PPWofLexSC not sure

Not sure who or which one it was…just search for a pic slider and see what you find. There’s several and they’re all pretty slick.

I don’t own one, I’m sorry. Used to sell the Mahindra UTV’s but they’ve discontinued the Retriever models and jumped to the more Jeep style Roxer.

For the Town though we have a few different UTV’s, but we tend to drift towards using our Kubota’s most often than our Bobcat (rebranded Polaris) and our old JD Gator. The Kubota just seems more resilient to our new guys…

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I’m going to wager that was intentional…either way :+1: :+1:

Wager as you’d like…but let’s just say that the driver of the Kubota is no longer an employee of ours

Hopefully he’s still someone’s employee…I was referring to the change use usage of “side-by-side”, to not be about before/after pics as the question intended… But I’m always up for Jeep pics, so I’m game either way.

Weebly is very good and simple, I’m in the process of building mine.

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