Web design?

Do any of you guys have recommendations for a web design company that has experience with pressure washing pages? i’m trying to stay away from the hassle of finding someone on fiver who doesn’t know the industry well. I have seen some talk about ambidextrous services and footbridge media. can anyone vow for these services or recommend another? Right now i have a $25/m wix site and spend $30-50/day on ads for the last few weeks and haven’t had any leads or calls yet.

I would move from wix to WordPress because WordPress will rank better than wix. You also need to speed check your site on these two indexes:



SEO and optimization matter too. Especially for ranking. I wouldn’t let a Fiverr person do my SEO.

I did have a Fiverr designer build my site www.texaspw.com , I worked with them daily and refused delivery until they made all the changes I wanted.

For Wordpress make sure to choose a theme that won’t bog your site down.


who did you hire for your SEO?

I have two friends who run SEO companies and one is doing it for free. But I can refer you to either of them if you want to talk to them.

I’d like them to do our seo for free too.

Please and thank you ;>)


You’re Air Force. I helped clean their ships when on a meu. I get free seo first. :crazy_face: I’ll buy you a steak dinner with the money I save Garry.


We are going next month for my sons bday!! Can not wait.

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I can give you their contact info if you want to see what they’d charge.

I’m just teasing Heath, we be hard pressed if we got anymore business. Thank you though :+1:

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yeah shoot me their info. thanks for the tips as well.

I’ve heard that before. :cry:

Consider getting a sales funnel, if you’re running ads and need to generate leads and appointments. This is a website that is more focused, streamlined and practical; you don’t link your social media, or any other outbound links that distract people. Just a single purpose – make an appointment, or submit your name/phone/email, etc. Funnels tend to work better than a traditional website.

As of today, you can still get GrooveFunnels for free, if I’m permitted to post the link then it will appear here: bit.ly/GrooveFunnelsFree4Life

You get 3 free websites/funnels. No credit card needed. Free hosting with Cloudflare. As long as you own a domain name, you can get up and running. The builder is drag-and-drop. They give you templates also, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Not often that a truly free option comes along. :slight_smile:


Well that is if the restaurant is opened during this covid craziness :confused:

thanks for the heads up. will definitely pick that up.

I think Brazil has more cases too. :smiley:

I designed the webpage for our company with wordpress and host gator www.prescottspressurewashing.com if you’d like I can do yours for 50 bucks and you will just have to keep up with the payments for the server but if you have any problems or wanna change something I’d be willing to do maintenance as well

I just designed mine using godaddy’s builder. I need to figure out how to change it all over to wordpress. I’ve heard it helps rank better. I’m sure there are some other benefits as well. I’m not a computer guy so I’m lucky I got it build using a website builder…lol

Go daddy is probably the better web builders but you have alot offreedom with wordpress last sep we got maybe 2 jobs so we just spent the whole month learning about wordpress google ads and html code and its definitely increased business we just had to hire 3 guys and are in the process of building a second rig just so we can keep up


Nice…I’ll probably do some research this off season. When transferring a website to wordpress do you basically have to rebuild a whole new site or is there a way to “transfer”. I’m not sure what all it takes but, if you’re interested in a job, I might just hire someone to copy it over. I’ll definitely have to eventually learn it though so I can add pictures and updates pages.

I’ll get you #1 ranking on bing for treefiddy a month. Please PayPal me the first 6 months. Thank you :+1:

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