Weather (rain/overcast)

Does weather really impact pressure washing? I’m a window cleaner, and I’m wanting to transition from WC to PW slowly overtime… Main reason, being WC is very weather sensitive. I’m all set up and ready to go, I have a Hot Water Machine(trailer) 200 gallon buffer tank, 3000watt generator for my recovery system and a 24" spinner… Also have a belt drive 4gpm cold washer as my portable unit for hard to reach areas…

Just wondering how weather effects this particular business…

i havent been doing it extremely long but i would imagine it’s just as affected by the weather as window cleaning.

I kinda went into it thinking i wouldnt be able to do it when it’s raining, lightning, below 50 degrees, or above 90-100… im sure winds over 20mph or so make it difficult as well.

im no pro like i said but my thought process is that:

rain will wash away the chemicals before they have a chance to do their work
it cant be a good idea waving a metal wand around when there is lightning
not sure if the chemicals are as effective in colder temps. maybe they are… but it still doesn’t sound fun working with water in cold temperatures. i guess if you were careful not to get wet and wore proper clothing it might not be too bad
i havent dealt with it yet, but i imagine it’s a pain in the butt trying to wash dark surfaces especially when its 90+ degrees with the sun shining. those surfaces will probably dry up pretty quick and if you’re not careful you can ruin some surfaces if you don’t rinse them off before they heat up and dry

most of this is just assumptions with a little bit of reading what others have had to say. someone else might come in and say i’m wrong on all counts (dont trust them if they its safe to wash in lightning!) :wink:

Rain is a friend to Powerwashing!! Your dealing with water while Powerwashing so rain won’t hurt you even with using chemicals. If it’s torrential rain or a lightening storm sit it out until it passes but besides that You can alway make money doing this business in the rain. Take it from me… 20yrs now doing this and while landscapers and other contractors are home because of rain, my guys are out making money in it :wink:

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the risk of the rain washing the SH off of the house before it has time to do it’s work is not a possibility?

Re-apply if you have to. Best to be making money then sitting at home doing nothing. Find a way to make it work.

When it rains i’m usually a happy man. It prewets the areas to be cleaned, keeps things from drying out too quickly, helps dilute the runoff and keeps me from roasting in the Florida sunshine. Lightning is an obvious no-no though.

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Just stay away from servicing exterior wood. Much more weather sensitive than window cleaning.

Good advice,

Especially on those hot summer days- rain is a welcomed refresher!!

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Thanks for the wet weather tip!

Well after it rained here the last 5 days with over 8 inches of rain it looks like @Innocentbystander is on deck!

Bringing all the trucks home Tuesday night. Putting everything possible up on shelves or on the forklift extended up. 2 years ago I lost 200k over night when Matthew came thru. Can’t get flood insurance in NC unless you are in a registered flood zone. My shop isn’t. That was a crushing blow. Chains and 4 generators at the house already. Cabin secured. Mobile home at the coast secured as well as a trailer can be. Going to work as long as possible cleaning apartments this week then will be working with my church to clear roads and trees from houses. Hoping it goes back out to sea.

Fish in the roads 10 miles from the river. Water over the seats in my trucks. Welders, compressor, everything lost.

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  1. Mobile home
  2. Cabin
    3 shop

Prayers are with you sir! I wish I was still fully self employed because I’d head that way to help! Can you not load stuff up and head inland?


Good luck to you as well.


Lol. Well played. I have no doubt karma was involved. My guys never missed a pay check and crews were back washing 5 days later in new to me trucks. Life goes on.


My shop is inland near Raleigh. It’s just in a low lying area. Local dam burst 2 years ago and took me out

Flooding is a every year thing around here but when the bad ones come it’s devistating . When I was 12 I mowed my neighbors law all year in exchange for a 12ft Jon boat. I was so proud I had it . Then the flood came and my boat was seized by the police to be used as a rescue boat. They were nice enough to leave me a bright red sticker telling me that. When I got my boat back it was destroyed beyond repair. As a 12 year old it was difficult to not be pissed about it. Until I got to school a few days later and realized a lot of my friends were homeless. It was quite a lesson in no matter how bad you get it somebody got it worse.


Things could always be worse, give thanks for the blessings you have :+1:


My pastor says this all the time “what if tomorrow you only have what you thanked God for today”