We will be adding two moderators on the forum soon

As the forum continues to grow we will be asking for help in the Moderator/ Staff department. You won’t need to do any heavy lifting (be the bad guy!), as Chris and I will handle any major conflicts or issues but you will be able to:

[]Move threads to the proper forum
]Educating new members if they are unaware of forum rules
[*]Zapping spammers!

Let me know if you are interested or have questions, here or via PM.

Thad, I’m interested and willing to help.

WERD I’ll help

I would be willing to do it.

Phil and Alex, I have turned on your controls. I’ll get with you to walk you through the basics.

Bob C. and anyone else willing to pitch in- Thanks! If you’re interested please let us know because as the forum grows we will need more help.

Sounds good, Thad. Thanks.

only if I can be the bad guy :mad:

Let me know if you need some help, I own a forum and administrator experience in this version of vBulletin.

BTW I would love to permaban some spammers as there is nothing I hate more lol.

That’s cool.
What kind of forum do you own?

Im happy to help…


Wow 60,000+ post. Cool bulletin board:cool:

No problem Thad. Just let me know when you need more help.

You notice everything can be manipulated in the admin panel…including post count LOL


Hey Thad if you need anymore moderator help count me in. I like what the PWRA stands for and maybe down the road I can give back to them as well;)