We Are Winning

It’s almost official. After five years of operation, the Pressure Washing Resource Forum is about to surpass WCR in activity and daily users.


And they are really bummed about it! - https://windowcleaner.com/community/t/we-are-losing/45546

I see what you did there lol

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Good Grief. Maybe no one post over there because it is impossible. I’ve tried for ten minutes with a disco robot having me type stuff. I gave up when I couldn’t figure out how to quote someone. That’s after getting my son to show me how to make something show up bold when you type it. @Jordie you’re killing me smalls

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Aww no cross over accounts?

Man it’s insane to try to sign up over there. I would need some kind of computer class to make it thru the sign up process. I gave up.

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there is an option to skip the sign up but you have to say “skip”. I have tried but I think you have to have a microphone plugged into your computer

I figured out an account but your first post has to be approved by management. It’s just like working for the road department. :wink:

Some good reading though so far. Idk if I would ever attempt to add window cleaning but they seem to have it figured out if I do.

Garden hose, Windex, rolls of paper towels, ladder and a telescopic pole with a scrub brush about all ya need right?

Edit: i did forget about a squeegee

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You would think,that if your a paid member it would just sign you into both sites … I readbsime stuff over there but I’m like IBS. Not going to jump through all tje hoops… Lol

They’re talking trash over there. One guy said that window cleaning is in art and after trying to clean windows… he’s right. I didn’t have a good argument.

But we need to stop pretending we’re a classier bunch and get to trash talking. :joy:

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ZomboMeme 08122017200929

This was my response but it’s pending administration approval!


Lol. Well played.

I can teach a monkey to pressure wash. We ain’t doing rocket surgery for sure


How do you expect them to get into Derek Zoolander’s School For Window Cleaners Who Can’t Read Good And Want To Do Other Stuff Good Too if they can’t even fit inside?!


Great the power washers band together to thumb our noses at the window guys and you leave “do” out of your meme. We suck.

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Now your making me feel dumb… i read meme as that big dummy from Longest Yard saying it exactly as he worded it (even read it in a different voice in my head)

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Man we gotta get you some dvds. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol… love it.

My favorite is Cheese Burger Eddie.

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