WCR Nation Episode 31 | Add On Pressure Washing | The Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing Podcast

That’s funny… I never thought of pressure washing as an add on service. I always thought of window cleaning as an add on… Oh poop here comes thestorm…,:slight_smile:

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LOL folks tend to be nicer on the WCR as to the PWR. Don’t get me wrong, I researched a bunch before firing out stupid questions in both forums but PW will have no mercy in stupid! I’m trying to make my PW “add-on” my normal, giving estimates for both WC and PW with clients and reminding current clients I PW.

i can’t think of anything worse than window cleaning. Us pressure washers definetly have more to BS about on a daily basis. I’ve visited the window cleaning forum and left after reading 3 posts, I feel as if it’s a job you can learn in 3 days and never have to seek any further education.

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I’m still trying to understand the lingo and ALL the chemicals and practicing for free on my neighbors during the shutdown, my WC keeps me fed but they are all, literally ALL laid off in my 10 house cul-de-sac.
I’m learning that there is definitely more learning to the PW side of things but the wear and tear on my joints from WC all day with ladder work etc is a hair more taxing than PW. My helpers also prefer to PW over WC as there is more room for imperfections. imo technique is the key and then knowing when to say no to terrible glass, the same story for PW-know when to say no.

Yeah I can imagine it being pretty hard on the arms and knees being on a ladder quite a bit. My eyes light up when I get a call for a “filthy” job those are usually the most satisfying when they are complete. Watching mould and crap disappear never gets old to me. What’s the worst day in window cleaning? Breaking a window, getting some water spotting? :joy:

I think the worst day for window cleaning would be the post construction clean where you scratch up $100k in defective glass, and find out afterwards that your insurance won’t cover it…

It’s a rare scenario, but it has happened to some good window cleaners out there. The scratches can start out nearly invisible and expand over the following days or week, so there’s no way to “catch it” as it’s happening.

Worst day in power washing would still have that beat: burning down a house due to an electrical short. But at least somebody’s insurance would probably cover that…

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I imagine you’d have to be pretty reckless to toilet 100k of glass, but I’m certain there’s people out there capable of such butchery. Likewise with a house as well. My personal best is a 12k roof stuff up I did many years ago when I first started, hit the tile roof of an old house with 3000psi flooded the ceiling, thought I was Hercules until i got a phone call that evening. Boy did that teach me to do things correctly!.

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Window cleaning is keeping my calendar packed this year thanks to the covid mess. I’ve talked a few of them into paying monthly for bi-annual cleaning. And I’m working up one of my largest bids ever on cleaning the exteriors and screens for an apartment complex that is having a hell of a time getting window cleaners to show up to bid it. We’ll see how it goes. I’m thanking my lucky stars for window cleaning this year and @Jordie for hooking it up with a XERO RO/DI package right on time.


How do you scratch glass cleaning it?

Do a search on WCR for “fabrication debris”.

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Dont you go over to the WCR, Mr PW .
I’ll kick you Glass…


Hey, it happens to the best of us…


Man! Now I’m getting told to use the search bar on OTHER forums! lol :wink: