Do any of you use Wave for your accounting software? I know you get what you pay for but the reviews I have seen so far are really good… I’m still looking into it but I thought I would ask here too


Looks to good to be true. Is it all free? I know you pay for credit cards but you have to pay somewhere else right?

It looks great, let us know when you find the catch.

They charge for payroll and you get ads from their sponsors

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We’ve used it for a couple years and love it. I do pay them for the payroll though (i think its $5 per month), and it handles the money transfer (which is cheaper than my bank wanted to do just the transfer in house).

I started using it in the beginning of 2013. I have been satisfied with Wave overall. It is very simple and easy to use overall. I use it for sending estimates and invoices, plus accounting. I plan on also using their payroll service this year.

They are starting a new bank connection process and are requiring me to disconnect and reconnect the account. The problem is, I am having trouble reconnecting my business account to Wave and haven’t had any help from support. It’s getting a little aggravating, especially since the big spring rush is coming very soon.

The only other item that could make the program better is being able to convert estimates into work orders.

If you are looking for a basic system for accounting, estimates and invoices, and you want to keep your monthly expenses down, give it a shot.

My wife handles all of my “paperwork” and shes been using Wave since summer/fall of 2013 and really likes it. Its free, give it a shot