Watering plants and other HOA hijinks

Got a call from an condo HOA today. They are having some new landscaping installed and it’s no where near a water source. They want me to water a few times a week for a few weeks. Without a clue in the word what to charge the urge struck me to sell washing the complex and throwing in the watering for free. Luckily the conversation ended with a promise of a follow up call before I could push my bright idea. Am I crazy or should I go for it?

Seems like that would take a lot of time to just hang out and water plants. Why would they install landscaping where there is no water source?

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I’ve done it several times. I charge $100 a load and I bring 1000 gallons. I use a gas powered trash pump 50gpm . Believe me they will love you for picking up the slack of a landscape company that is incapable


Charge at least 100.00 for 500 gallons & 1hr of time.

Sounds like a plan