Water tanks, good prices

If y’all have a Blaine’s Farm and Fleet by you they have great pricing on leg tanks. Blaine’s just became a thing in MI, I guess there mostly out west. Luckily my store had two 65 gallon leg tanks in stock.


Good price…I got the same exact tank for $150 after a bunch of discounts

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Sprayerdepot.com has very reasonable prices in smaller tanks/vertical tanks.

Not those crazy shipping prices until you get to larger/heavier tanks.

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@Grizz hooked me up with the Tractor Supply price match. I bought a 125 gallon leg tank from them and they priced matched Plasticmart.com price. I saved $150 off Tractor Supply price and didn’t have to pay for shipping.


I did the exact same thing with tractor supply. Got my 65 gallon tank price matched down to 130 and my 35 gallon tank down to 70 and picked up both in store just a few miles away. Some places I was looking at online the shipping was almost as much as the tank.

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@Grizz does every store price match like this? And I thought you worked at northern tool?

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The store I went to wouldn’t price match at first so I called customer service. They called the manager of the store and told me to go back inside. He was waiting for me and gave me the Plasticmart.com price. Some employees don’t know.


Ya show them the price @Patriotspwashing posted.

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And no i dont work for northern tool. I actually quit tractor supply and work at milliken now. 12 hour shifts from 8am to 8pm. 3 days one week and the 4 days the next week.