Water tank vs a water tote

Hey I see a lot of people use the water totes on there trailer has a buffer tank … how many people use like a regular water tank?? Like I have a 65 gallon tank right now for my buffer… about to get my trailer and don’t know if I want to buy a tote or buy like a 125 gal water tank and use the 65 I have for a chemical tank.

Lol… never mind just looked up some prices… looks like it’s the tote… can get a 275 for 100 bucks

It has to do more with foot print for me.

If you sell the 65 and can ship it for a reasonable price let me know.

Depending on how big of a machine you have i would stick with the small buffer unless your area has slow water. Totes take up a huge foot print i went from a tote to a 125 leg tank and saved sooo much space It allowed me to add my air set up. Also if you have any water in a tote the sloshing is way worse than a leg tank.

Going to keep the 65 for my roof tank…