Water Spots on Brown Soffits

We had a lead ask us to look at cleaning just their soffits. They have water spots all over them. The spots come back if you wipe them with a wet finger. Any suggestions on getting these off or should I tell them it is paint time? Thanks!20190911_152858

Just put he on it should take care of it my guess who ever did it didn’t rinse it well

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Sorry @Firefighter4hire, what do you mean by “he”?

Yes is does look like a lack of rinsing, but hard telling how long it’s been there…

How hard is the water in your area? If it`s really hard then no amount of rinsing will fix it, pure water and a WFP would be great if thats the case. Im in a hard water area and have to run a water softener before my tank to avoid this.

House wash

looks like dried bleach and or soap. Someone forgot to rinse.