Water spots are driving me crazy!

Most of our jobs are softwash with exterior window cleaning. We wash 1 side or section depending on size and then squegee off the windows to prevent water from drying and causing water spots. But if I wash the next side or section and it gets windy, the window gets wet again. Its driving me crazy and killin my production. If the water dries it leaves water marks all over the glass and they are a pain to get off.

So please give me some insight on what you do. Do you let the water dry on the windows? Then it seems like IM spending more time trying to get the water marks off. Even when I squegee them I get water that will drip down from the window casing.

Wish I could follow someone around for a day to see what your doing. I can only get 1 house wash with exterior windows done per day. And thats average 1800-2000sqft

What are you using for soap in your hw mix. We normally wash 2 sides then go back and quickly rinse the windows. Then rinse the rest of the house.

I don’t clean the windows unless they’re paying for them. And if that’s the case, I’ll clean them when I’m done powerwashing. I’m going to be getting a purewater system soon I hope. That’s probably the best solution to your problem

Are you going to wash houses using pure water?

Noo… Why would I do that???

The question is about spots on glass, correct? Finish washing the house and clean the glass with purewater.

Just the way it was written. We offer exterior window cleaning with a house wash. Love the watered pole.

Yeah we have a new 8gpm unit from pressuretek we havent had time to set up. So for now we use 4gpm 4000psi downstreaming 2g 12.5% 3g water with 16oz simple cherry. We rinse thoroughly and when the water dries it leaves water spots causing me a pain in the tail when i clean the windows directly afterwards. I use traditional meathods and waterfed pole. tds here is around 200…but the sun drying the water is leaving the spots and they are a pain to get off. What are ya’ll using to remove the water spots…not coming off with ecover solution or wfp, i find i then have to spend time using 0000 to remove them…such a time killer. I think im very inefficient at this point and need to see what others are doing. Im squegeeing windows off 2-3 times to prevent water spots. Anyone have vids of you soft washing going right into windows?

I personally started out using 16 oz of cherry. But backed off to 8oz. I think it leaves less or a residue on the glass.

Per mix the simple cherry in hot water. I usually make 3 - 5 gals at a time. Add 1 gal to your house wash mix. By using hot water the simple cherry will dissolve completely and do a better job for you.

Just do the house wash and after your done get your window cleaning gear on and do the window cleaning. Not sure why your having a problem figuring this out.

I will back the simple cherry down to 8oz and see if that helps. thanks for the insight!

I use a CJS GREEN CREAM WATER STAIN REMOVER after with a doo all scrubber, safe for glass. this is only when i have water stains. works everytime.

I hit the windows with water before I spray the house with mix and then come back and rinse. It seems to be working for me.

It could be just the windows are dirty to begin with. Its hard because if your in a real hard water area rinsing them off a lot could make it worse…

You just need to upsell a window cleaning on every house :slight_smile: