Water spewing out of DS barb

So this barbed piece here squirts out water. Not all the time, sometimes a lot and sometimes just a little. It definitely does the most when I let off the trigger. What is going on? It is where you connect your DS hose.

Ball is stuck. Probably broke spring

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Oh Ok. Since I don’t use the DS injector is it ok to let it be as is?

Your spring, ball,oring are malfunctioning. Take it apart and see if it’s the o ring or stuck ball

Cool. This wouldn’t really impact the machine much? As I don’t use the DS injector.

I’d fix it or put a plug in it. It’s not going to make your unloader happy by cycling so much. Plus your loosing GPM and PSI. It’s probably a 15 cent o ring

Thanks. Looks like the spring was off and crooked. Popped it back in place. I’ll see tomorrow.

Just plug it up.

I don’t know what to plug it with. :expressionless:

Take it out ,then take it to a hardware store. Tell um you need a plug

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If you cant eyeball it. Take it out and bring it to the hardware store with you they have gauges that you can screw it into to find your size doesn’t have to be stainless steel.

So… not gum.

It would have to be hubba bubba

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Day old used mail pouch should do it.


Someone on here suggested I remove the orifice inside my stock injector (which I did) for more flow. Maybe they can advise.

He’s got a different problem than you did. Which is a super easy problem.

Oh I know, just a suggestion on top of his current situation.

How dare you call my problem easy.

Easy peasy, Lemmon squeezy?