Water relocation tool

Hey guys…haven’t been in here in a bit. What is the name of the tool that you can attach to your wand/pressure washer that you can vacuum a large puddle of dirty water through a hose and move it somewhere else…and where can I find it? Sorry didn’t feel like browsing through a bunch of posts when I’m not sure what it’s called. I remember years ago reading posts of ones using this and I never bought one but I’ve been cleaning driveways lately that don’t drain well so I’m stuck using a turbo nozzle blasting it in their yard. Works most of the time but gets annoying. I also have a large community pool deck coming up that has a low spot that collects a large puddle of water. Thanks for any help.

Sludge Sucker

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those things doubled in price

Do you have a leaf blower?

Anyone try one of these Ryobi cordless pumps yet? Looks like you can hook a garden hose up to it for longer pumping distances


I don’t use my sludge sucker anymore since getting a 12v sump pump.

So they’re only worth 5x their weight in gold now? :rofl:

I wonder how these compare to marine bilge pumps that are 12v. I’m sure sumps last longer but for the price they are going for it might be worth checking out.

maybe for thee, not for me lol

:man_shrugging: IDK, never had one…but it must beat the crap out of trying to make water move uphill with the wand. They’re on the buy list for this spring. Has to be worth a few bucks.