Water Recovery Unit for Sale

Like New. Clearing out garage.
With hoses and accessories
Works like a champ
Shipping/Handling are negotiable
New Orleans Area

@Kps0410 Not sure exactly what you’re looking for Kenny but this post made me think of you. I’m sure you would’ve seen it but figured I’d tag you just in case.

Thanks. That’s an excellent deal. If it was a couple of months from now I’d be all over it. I am literally building my trailer and just had brakes with break away and fenders put on and about to paint and put the floor in. I got it as a frame only but it has 5200lb axles and a 12000lb jack. It’s tapped my extra money out. I’m trying to have it ready by the time my wife changes hospitals so all I have to do is order and mount equipment. I wish I was at that point. I’m really leaning towards the az88 with filtration just in case I ever need to reuse.