Water Reclamation Equipment

Hi All,

Looking for vacuum recommendations. I use a shop-vac from home depot right now when i need to keep water from going down the storm drain (I live by the ocean so its best to keep water out of the drains) but it has to be emptied into a flowerbed or sewer every couple of minutes. Looking for vacuum systems that I can run a drain hose from into a flowerbed/sewer without having to turn it off and roll it over to be emptied. Any thought would be appreciated.



They do sell shop vacs that have a pump out feature. The pump out is a 3/4" garden hose though, so it’s a bit DIY feeling more than pro. I did try out but wasnt impressed.

I have a Sirocco year old system. 30 gal sand trap/ 30 gal auto pump out. Maybe we could work something out.

Those seam to be the ones everybody uses.

Which model do you have specifically? What are you looking to get for it?

Feel free to email me the details