Water reclamation build

Im currently working on building my pressure wash rig and am wanting to build a water reclamation system into it. ( I’ll be posting the build onto the build section once complete)
Im looking for info from guys that have systems.

  1. How big of a tank are you using for storing reclaimed water?
  2. How often are you dumping?

My plan is to modify a 55 gallon drum with a 3 stage vacuum and pipe that to my storage tank ( however big that should be im thinking in the 200 gallon range) then a 55 gallon sand trap tank and from there to a surface cleaner or gutter.

My last question would be on filtering to reuse the wash water. Obviously space is limited but if i reused the wash water most filters wont take out every chemical so the plan then would be to do 2 separate tanks one for the initial wash and one for if i use chemicals and that would reduce needing to dump the reclaimed water as often. Any insight would be much appreciated.

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