Water Reclaim System

We are looking for an inexpensive solution. I only anticipate needing it when the driveway is sloped and located in close proximity of a storm drain. Just something simple to redirect the water to landscape.

Down the road when we get more into commercial we will be purchasing a more expensive solution.

Are any of you guys using the Shop Vac out there that have the Water Pump in them that pump 6.0 GPM?

or have you found any other inexpensive solutions that have worked for you vs. the commercial reclaim solutions on the market?

I built my own shop vac setup(2 actually) a few yrs ago where I bought for around a $100 a shop vac and then I put a pump in it and when the container filled up the water would pump out to a different location. You could build a setup like this for under $200.

If you get enough work though it’s better to buy something one of the PWRA distributors sell that’s made for these specific type of work.

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I am looking at options and other than the 6.0 GPM Shop Vac the next step up would be a Hydtotek Vac for $1000.

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We prefer the hydrotek system.

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I am thinking that is the best way to go, buy the Vac System and as my needs grow move up to the complete reclaim unit.

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Sorry to commandeer this thread but would a ShopVac like this with a tank attached be sufficient? Shop Vac 9689400 Wet Dry with A Built in Pump 026282968944 | eBay

It seems that would work for the specific situation you are talking about.

I saw this and thought it might be a better low cost reclaim option than a shop vac, has anyone used a pump like this?


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I combed the internet for hours on the subject. Others had mentioned that some wet vac held up for them and some said that they didnt last.

I looked at a Shop Vac with builtin pump, it cost a few hundred. I am just kind of sceptical to try a lower cost option because if it fails to hold up to what you need it to do then you have wasted your money.

I am now seriously just thinking about making the investment and getting the Hydrotek Vac that is built for what we need and it is backed by a company in the pressure washer industry.

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If you are talking about reclaiming from a gutter line. It would never prime. You need more than just a puddle too get it too suck.
I have that same trash pump and use it too reclaim media from the bottom of swimming pools after cleaning calcium build up.

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A simple sump pump with barriers to trap water around the drain works. The hydro tek vacuums have a hard time keeping up with high volume( really anything over 4gpm.

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We use these all the time for our contract cleaning business they pull down to an 1/8 of an inch. Block off the flow of wash water with some sand bags and place the sump pump in the right spot and your are good to go.

Simer Sump Pump

Portable Sand Dams

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I bought 3 of those pumps from you mike back in 2012. There the best pumps I found to suck up water so close to the concrete. Anyone who deals with reclaiming or just need to move the wash water over, these pumps rock!!

can they move sludge?

It will move some light sediment but not much. When we use them we station them far enough away from the actual washing so that the debris falls out of the wash water stream before reaching the pump. Then we go back with and sweep up the waste and shovel it off.

I agree with both of these guys. Get your self a good sump pump and then just pump the water to landscaping. You can also use them on some commercial jobs and pump to sanitary system. We will be doing this on an upcoming job, we spoke to the City and perfectly acceptable.

No they wont move sludge but they’re great at moving dirty water from point A to point B. Here’s a couple of pics of when we were using these pumps on some parking garages. What I did was put them in a screen box just to keep any large objects from floating into them. We also use these pumps with screen bags on them to move dirty water from our holding tanks. These are the most durable pumps we have used so far. Considering that we burnt out at least 20 pumps over the years, these guys keep working.

Here is the listing on Mike’s site for these Simer WPSP-8-2300-04 1/4 HP Wash Pit Sump Pump from PowerWash.com

Dont forget your PWRA member discount if you are to order from Mike;)

Ever have any issues with the sump pumps burning up from not getting a continues or enough water flow?

Yes. Burnt up a bunch of pumps over the years because of that. Some of the pumps we burned up were cheap Home Depot ones that I no longer buy.