Water reclaim, discharge into sanitary sewer

Does anyone capture water and instead of discharging it into landscaping divert it into a public sewer? That water is treated and so for commercial building washing would be great to pump into sewer as the parking lot doesn’t Have much area to put it…

Do you need a permit to do that? Do you just lift a sewer lid and stick the exit hose into it?

You need to check your local BMP’s. What one does in Vermont likely will not fly in California.

California will fine you for a wet fart.


Do you have to catch that wet fart in a plastic bag or balloon and properly dispose of it?


There’s a guy named Robert that collects them, I think

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I’m not very knowledgeable on reclaim but maybe look into batguard.

LOL wut

Haha yeah kind of a low blow, I was feeling froggy after reading a bunch in the archives about BMP shopping in Cali

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Oh…yeah I don’t consider that a low blow at all. Carry on!

Old man Hinderliter just put you on his radar


This will be here tomorrow: https://youtu.be/kDoj1zI6Crc it’s a vacuum arch that you plug the vac into and it sucks it all up.

Also ordered the hydrotek antv5 Yesterday! https://youtu.be/x3XRGPBTMaM

Now just need a good place to shoot all of the water. Thinking of looking for a prius’ that left the window rolled down enough to fit a 2” tube lol.


Did it work well? How much did it cost? Any issues with it?

I do almost only residential but i booked washing a holiday inn hotel. Should i use that to dump runoff from housewash mix on the building dripping on the parking lot away in the grass? Any better alternatives without investing a ton for 1 job?