Water pump from water tank to pressure washer?

What is the best way to pump water from your water tank to your pressure washer? I have a 250 gallon water tank and a 2.3gpm 3100 psi Simpson pressure washer. I have a job where water sources aren’t available. I’ve read that gravity feeding may burn the pressure washer up if it doesn’t get at least 20psi from the water tank.

Look for a Wayne transfer pump, those have been good to me in the past… Or you can always try a Harbor Freight one

You could gravity feed that unit no problem the head pressure of the water will be more than enough

I actually used one of those Harbor Freight iron head pumps, worked really well when I could find an electrical outlet.

I soon realized my 4200/4gpm Cat pump would draw from a tank provided it was below it and sold the HF pump. Yours may do the same, just try it.

Okay, I’ll try to gravity feed it and just see what happens. Then decide if I need a pump or not. Thanks guys.