Water Leaking At Gun

The high pressure hose was leaking at the pump, so I went to the hardware store and grabbed two o-rings. I replaced the o-ring on the coupler that connects to the pump. No more leak.

I figured it would do no harm to replace the o-ring at the other end. Wrong. When I was replacing the o-ring, I noticed that the previous owner had wrapped plumbers tape around the o-ring. I pulled all of the plumbers tape off and replaced the o-ring.

When I fired up the machine no leaks. I thought great, problem solved. Than about 2 or three minutes into washing…BOOM. Water leaking from the coupling at the gun. I disconnected and then tried again. Same sequence of events.

The coupling that is leaking looks pretty chewed up. Like the previous owner used a wrench to tighten it down at some point. Any ideas what I should look for next? Is it possible that the gun it so blame or should I purchase a new hose?


Pictures of the water leaking from the gun?

Your quick connect is worn out. Buy a handful and keep spares. Go to Harbor Freight and buy the plastic case full of viton o-rings so you have plenty of spares.

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The coupling does not quick connect. It’s a press fit onto the hose I think. Is that something I can replace?

You’re going to have to post a picture of what you’re talking about. If this is some homeowner machine then I can’t help you.


I can only post one photo per post because my account is new

Get a new hose, that end is rusted out. This is a homeowner machine for sure but this forum is mostly people who do this for a career and have bigger commercial machines with quick connects and things like that. Can’t help much but I know it would do you good to get a new hose. That thing is rusted out

Thanks everyone!

You have what I believe are called “M22” fittings. Most of us here have quick disconnect fittings. You should be able to find your style hose at any Lowe’s or Home Depot, just make sure it says “M22” on it and not quick disconnect.
*Side note - you can purchase adapters to make both styles compatible with one another if you decide to go that route.