Water Intrusion Prevention under doors & Windows

Hey there,
What type of apparatus or technique is the best to use while pressure cleaning up next to doors in a residential building?
I’m only cleaning the tiled surface (Not walls or doors)
I will be using my surface cleaner mostly but i am hesitant to pressure using the surface cleaner or the lance as i’m nervous it will seep under the doors onto the wood flooring inside. I would love some expert tips on the best ways to go about this.
I have read the technique of filling a back washing hose from the pool store with sand, but i’d like a few other options too.


or you can tape them but with tile have to be careful any grooves in tile don’t run under the sill


My biggest thing is when you have that new pig sock down, the area that it is on wouldn’t get a clean right??
I guess its more of a manual elbow grease thing to clean that area after

I like the filled hose/PIG ideas…but an oldie but goodie…

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The way that’s laid out, you’re not going to be able to get within a foot of those doors, even taped, with a surface cleaner. Are those indoors? Those don’t even look like exterior doors. Better buy you a good mop nd bucket.


These doors are exterior doors but they are in a breezeway of a three-story walk up. I might still with a mop and and bucket idea. Thanks Racer

What @Racer said…if there isn’t a threshhold under the door, expect it to require more effort.

I just tell clients to make sure all.windows are closed and doors too.
If their seals are.not good then water will.go.through.
And the SH will destroy everything.
If they know or notice water coming in they should let me know if not place towels were water is coming in.
I am not responsible for defects they are.

You can always buy those socks or tape, or let the.client tape up. If not up charge them

i would open the door, put a towel underneath the entire door, close the door, water sock infront of it, then go to town. remove the water sock and spray up close to the door, open the door and wipe down any water inside.

Not likely to fly on commercial work in my experience. A lot of non-watertight doors due to being under overhangs, etc. And property managers tend to never know…and those folks don’t hire professionals to have to deal with anything. Homeowners are a bit different, they will often know those things and want to make sure there’s no issues.


True. Commercial and residential is different.

You really expect apartment renters or owners to give you a key to their units? And even if they offered, you want to be responsible?


:thinking: nope!

Just keep one of these in the toolbox so you won’t need keys.


honestly i just assumed this was a pool house/bathroom, or something similar at a house

For commercial doors, I keep a couple rolls of foam backer rod in different sizes. Stuff that under the door, and you can also add outdoor painters tape in front of it if you still have any concerns.

The door pictured in the OP’s post, though… I don’t think I’d go near that with a surface cleaner. :man_shrugging:

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That’s a great idea!

What’s a foam backer rod that you speak of… do you have a photo??

I’m Australian so we may call it something else here. :sweat_smile:

It would be a piece of foam (usually gray) that you would insert into window seals and such to help prevent drafts. Think of a super small pool noodle like kids would use in a swimming pool. They come in various diameters, but usually anywhere from the diameter of a pencil up to a dry erase/white board marker is what I’m most familiar with.

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