Water hose reel

Can anyone recommend a water hose reel for a 3/4" for at least 150ft hose. How much hose would you recommend?

18” electric Hannay is what I use for 200ft of 3/4 Flexzilla


I agree that Hannay is the best; I’ve got one for my pressure hose and one for my SW setup and love them. That being said, when I started out this season I couldn’t fathom dropping almost $300 for supply hose storage, expecially considering I’d be pulling it off the reel every time. So I bought the all-metal Liberty 709 hose reel and it’s been perfect for me. No rust or anything so far, and it holds 200’ of 3/4 Flexzilla perfectly.

Edit: Actually I’m running Flexzilla 5/8", I just went and checked. So that hose reel probably wouldn’t hold 200’ of 3/4"

The grump said hannay, I listened and bought 2, I have a 3rd electric one. @TexasPressureWashing has a link for equipment.

Edit: I don’t plumb my supply through the reel, took the advice of several people on here for that.

I bought mine from here $260 delivered to the house and the 26 is the same price.

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So would 5/8 be sufficient for a 5.5 gpm machine?

Are you not running a buffer tank for your 5.5?

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Yes. I have a 50 gallon tank

Hannay has a supply reel that has 1" plumbing.

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Yes, it’ll easily keep up with 5.5, as long as the house is supplying at least that much. Most houses here, my tank level doesn’t drop an inch even while I’m using my surface cleaner, and I’m running 7gpm. But our city is blessed with high gpm supply in most areas

We are about 5+ here. So I could get away with 5/8?

I’d say so. Especially if you have a Hudson valve (which you probably do on a buffer that small)

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I’ve been running general pump reels, but now that I know Hannay reels are within the same rough price range I will be switching to those when I need to get new ones.

Mine sit on an open trailer, outside. The paint isn’t the greatest on them as it easily scratches, but for $260 delivered I can repaint as needed. They haven’t rusted, except for a tiny bit of surface rust on the locking bolt and a tad by the manifold. The drum scatches the easiest IMHO. Pushing the locking bolt through the hole will scratch some paint off the first time. No big deal really, just giving you a heads up in case you buy them. Some people might get a little irked by something like that, I think it is insignificant.


If you wanna go the cheap route, try this one:

I have it mounted to my trailer currently. Not high end by any means, but solid enough. It’s just a garden hose after all. I have 100’ of Flexzilla on it currently. I could replace this 4 times over before I finish paying for one “high end” pressure hose reel that has been repurposed as a garden hose reel.

Also, you will want to throw away/replace the “lead hose” they give you. it is garbage. but I have/had a lead line running from my reel plumbed into my buffer tank already that threaded right in.

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The Liberty 709 is almost the same, but easier to wind up because of the position of the manifold outlet


Make sure to keep an eye on the handle. Mine flew off somewhere, hopefully did not damage anything. Otherwise easy and smooth rolling.