Water fed pole size

Hey guys. What is a good size water fed pole to have. I’m thinking about adding residential and commercial window service?

Start with the 40 ft xero pro basic. If you want to go higher it gets pricey, and the $ per hour is lower usually (and much more physically demanding) than pw. If you want a great user experience buy a stiffer pole, but it just depends on your goals. Up to 50 ft you can use the xero 3k fairly well, and anything beyond that I would go for the destroyer. All the poles I listed can be pushed to high reach than I listed, but its a bear to use.

I may pick up a carbon fiber pole. Thanks for advice

I use a 40’ xero pole. You can take it apart if you don’t need the whole pole, especially for residential. It’s held up well.

I also bought a Xero this year although I rarely use it.

I use the Xero Pro 40 also works great. You can drop sections but I never do. Best investment to date as an add on service. Opens the door to solar also.

30’ will cover 2 stories all day. You can get to 3 with it on residential, standing on level ground. You’ll be at the bottom of the pole.

All Xero poles allow for extensions, so you can add length later as needed.

Talk to me and I’ll get you set up with something for your exact needs.

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we have Xero 50ft and rarely ever use the 50ft extensions (pretty physically hard when you have it fully extended) but they have came in handy on some 4 story homes. Our money maker is pressure washing so window cleaning is mostly an add on. I’ve gotten all my window cleaning equipment from WCR and can’t say enough good things about the guys over there. Super helpful, answer all questions, great service, and fast shipping.

Curious, how much extra does the insurance company charge over three stories?

I think most companies will write you an exclusion/rider (not sure on the proper terminology) for 4 story work if you’re clear with them that you will be doing it from the ground. It’s the working at height that they really don’t like.

So the 4th story homes that we do windows on are not really 4 stories if that makes sense. Most of them are 3 stories that have some type of rise (maybe attic windows) or rooftop deck thats above the 3rd story. Those are the 4th story windows I’m mostly referring to. We use Frank Crum for insurance and we went over all these details over the phone whenever they were writing our policy. @Infinity is correct, we do all work from the ground. We only use ladders on 2 story homes or less for gutter cleaning. I think I pay right around 2k/year for our insurance policy.