Water Entry Prevention

I have a storage facility coming up and one of the requirements is no water can get inside the untis. Whats the best product to boom off the doors? I’ve seen those sand socks which would seem to work well but I also found these on amazon per the recommendation of someone on Facebook.

I got some blue pool drain tubing and pool filter sand and make my own. they work great

thanks Kenny. I’ll look into that tomorrow. Would you think that nylon tubing would work better as far as conforming? Isn’t that pool hose pretty stiff?

Power wash.com has some but it took a few weeks last time I ordered something from there. Heck, pressuretek has been taking a while too on certain items. Turbo nozzle is taking over 1-2weeks to ship due to out of stock. They’re still my go to but it’s happen a few times recently. Jgb took 3 weeks to get me 200’ of hose. Guess it’s just that time of year. J.N. equipment got me a 28” WW in 3 days. It’s been hot and miss. It’s good to know I can go to the pool store and make my own if need be.

Cut this to length, use wide zip tie on one end fill with pool filter sand (it’s fine not clumpy) then zip tie the other end

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Most storage buildings concrete slabs are pored with a 2” step down around the perimeter. Therefore water can not go underneath the doors. The sides of the doors sit in a loose track and if sprayed directly with pressure water can penetrate. If so, the water will have to be squeezed out because the concrete slabs are pored flat, without any fall towards the doors for water to drain out.


@gbattle thanks. They’re is a heavy slope from units to the middle of the road to the drain. I would like to get as much of the concrete outside of each door clean as possible without having water entry. They will not be opening the units as it’s all rented out. I’ll take a closer look next time I’m in the area to see about the step. It’s a U-haul faculty so I’m guessing they built it to proper specs.

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