Washing soffets


Completed a few house washes thus far and have always worried about spraying soffets and getting water past them and causing mold issues. What Are the do’s and don’ts?


+Do wash them, don"t over blast them when rinsing.


How do you control that when rinsing 2nd floor soffets? I guess I’ll get the feel with experience and find that balance of rinsed enough to get SH off, but not over soaked.

Any idea how much blown in water it would take to cause issue/damage?


Most soffits are made to allow air movement. Those holes can also allow water in from powerwashing. The water that gets behind them will drain and what’s left will dry. Any mold growth that occurs behind the soffits will not be because it was power washed. It will be because of a continuous problem of moisture and shade.


Couple of things - Don’t spray harder than absolutely necessary. Light rinse all you need.I spray the gutters, facia and just let splash do a lot of the rinsing. Also, don’t spray at them head on. Get up closer to house and spray them more parallel to house. That way, less likely to get spray back in towards house.


That’s what I’ve been doing Racer. Thinking I should get less blow in working at a less than direct angle.