Washing Saltillo Tiles

Hey guys. I’m wondering if anyone has any experience cleaning Saltillo/Spanish tiles. I have the opportunity to wash the outdoor back patio of a home that has tons of it on the ground. It currently has stains from pine tree needles falling onto it, but in good shape otherwise. My thoughts are to softwash it because I know the sealer on top is delicate but I’ve read elsewhere not to use SH. Does anybody have any chems or methods they recommend? Thank you.

I clean Spanish tile frequently.

SH and Heat. What I do is switch out my surface cleaner nozzles to drop the PSI some… Spanish tile will score/etch real easy. But it takes hot water/sh real well.

As far as a sealer, You need to ask what is on the tile. If not to dirty use a soft deck brush and some soap and scrub it and rinse it off with a soft wash tip

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Thank you for the info I really appreciate it! Fortunately I have heat on my trailer so I’ll add that in There. The new owner is unsure of what sealer is on it and how long it’s been there so I’m just trying to do my diligence to avoid damaging it. What % SH mixture should I hit it with and how long of a dwell time in your opinion? It’s moderately stained, not terrible but not great.

Got any pictures? I can guide you on how to clean it.

Price accordingly, I usually get a little over a buck for cleaning saltillo per sqft

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I’ll keep that in mind. Ahh. no I don’t have any pics I just did a FaceTime with the owner walking the property that was it.