Washing grocery carts/playgrounds for disinfecting?

I’m seeing a lot of guys on a PW Facebook group talking about offering their services to grocery stores for disinfecting shopping carts. Some have also suggested disinfecting playgrounds.

What are your thoughts n doing this? What are some other ways pressure washers might be able to take advantage of the current dilemma?

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Isn’t SH corrosive even if you rinse thoroughly?

The discussion involved official CDC documentation of how much SH was necessary. In short, it would be quite a small percentage compared to what we use for house washes. The claim was made that it is not meaningfully corrosive in such small concentrations.

Interested to know more about this, Advertising in a way that there is no legal liability

My advise as a non lawyer would be to speak to the relevant parties directly, and to state facts while letting tgem connect the dots. “We can wash your shopping carts. We use chlorine in X concentration. The CDC says <X concentration kills the coronavirus” etc, rather than “we disinfect shopping carts.”


Doing the same over here in Cyprus, we are already on partial lockdown, supermarkets, pharmacies, some other key businesses allowed to open, I put this out yesterday… and started contacting supermarkets today. had a few Property Management Companies request pricing. Also contacted municipalities to see if they are interested in getting public spaces sanitized ……

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You may want to look up the legal requirements needed to say you disinfect and sanitize. You can get in big trouble if you aren’t using the proper CDC required products. Just ask @CaCO3Girl. It may not matter where your at however


What is an external cleaning service?

I’m taking a wild guess here, but I’m guessing exterior cleaning? Lol


Spoke with several property managers today.


You claim you sanitize and someone gets sick you are on the hook or least they are going to try and come after you which is way more grief than the few dollars you get from the job.

BTW - none of them were interested at all. These are high end residential HOA property managers too.

Contacted several grocery store chains in the area. Very similar response. They are happy providing wipes for customers to wipe down the cart before handling it, but weary of promoting they are sanitizing everything. Why? They know as soon as the people come and touch and breath in the area, it is gone. This promotion is a set-up for liability. It is not that they are not taking it seriously, but to cross the line and claim sanitized areas opens pandoras box a bit and no one seems interested in that.


He’s over in Cyprus.

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@CFH I don’t disagree with what you are saying. But who is going to get sick and come back and say you know what I got it at that damn playground, I’m going after them. I don’t see it.

I do think it’s foolish to offer free services like that and would think the general public sees right through those marketing tactics.

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its posh pressure / soft washing :rofl:

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All this sanitising and cleaning for the corona virus is rubbish and plain unethical. Where the heck was sanitising for regular germs and bacteria that we equally try and avoid and prevent prior to the virus. It wasn’t even a thing in this industry, we clean houses, commercial properties, roofs and driveways for largely cosmetic reasons and we as contractors all know it. Let’s have a no BS raise of hands who’s “sanitised” there own home before trying to squeeze a buck out of a customer that doesn’t know any better.


What I am trying here is to educate the businesses who are key in the communities of the concept of “being seen to be doing something”, I would not expect any supermarket chain to put out an add saying “all of our shopping carts and baskets are sanitized”, nor would I expect them to conduct testing on every cart or basket when we are done. I doubt they have ever been cleaned before so to have them done in itself will be a positive which will be noticed and possibly even talked about which would be good PR for the business. with supermarkets becoming the only “entertainment” here for the next 2 months, the cleaner ones will quite possibly benefit due to the current circumstances. win /win ! I was asked for pricing by 2 PMC’s ( these companies manage around 400 buildings between them) I took the wording from the definitions for disinfect / sanitize for the actual scope of work. The chems and wipes we will use if they accept will actually do what we say, if this is considered a benefit to any apartment block manager who wants to “be seen to be doing something” then great, if not … no big deal

https://www.cdc.gov/ . Link about disinfecting , cleaning.

Sorry . https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prepare/cleaning-disinfection.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fcoronavirus%2F2019-ncov%2Fcommunity%2Fhome%2Fcleaning-disinfection.html

Cyprus has their own EPA. It’s up to them to stop this stuff…but the regulatory buzz is the world wide agencies are keeping track of these claims and will come after them when things calm down. Their fines will help rebuild the depleted funds :slight_smile:


Better safe then sorry and broke… lol