Washing during the winter?

Hello everyone this is my first post, so try to be nice. I just started my pressure washing business, and I have been getting most of my work though word of mouth. A client had mentioned that I should try to run through the winter because of the amount of logging trucks in the area, and their need to be washed of road salt and what not. Does anyone have a setup that handles this? Does it pay in the long run? Would you build it again?

which country you live in ? if in USA --where ?

Eastern Ontario, Canada

as we all know water freezes at 32 ° – so once it hits the metal on the truck that’s 32°
or below it’s going to be very hard or impossible to rinse the logging truck. I run into that problem with real estate and I live southern part of USA. There’s easier money to be made in Canada in the winter ?

I worked in Michigan years ago. The wholesaler I worked for had their delivery trucks washed every other Saturday year round. (Outside in their parking lot)
It definitely can be done.
There are a few other powerwashing forums - At least one of which has a forum for fleet washing.
You may be better served asking one of the pros there to get a straight answer.


Thanks for the reply, should I post the same question under the fleet washing heading in the forum ?

I imagine you’d be focused on problem areas, and not washing to whole truck, powering off salt and dirt, and the client/garage would grease it back up. I’d like to a least research any revenue stream I can, so I started here. If I could get a system to do this kinda work, then I should be able to run all winter.